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Terms & Conditions


1. By purchasing a commission from me, you have automatically accepted my "Terms & Conditions."

2. You are only buying the digital file (PNG). You may also request a JPG, TIFF, GIF or BMP if preferred.

3. Maintain communication clearly and politely. Any ill or hostile behavior will not be tolerated and may result in your commission being canceled.

4. I reserve the right to refuse, cancel or decline a commission.

5. I do not accept jobs creating NFTs nor do I allow my works to be sold as NFTs.


1. Prices are subject to change depending on the complexity of the commission. For commercial projects (such as game assets), I may charge per hour instead.

2. All Commissions must be paid in full upfront but I allow 1/2 partial payments for commissions above $200 if the commissioner prefers it.

3. I only accept payment through PayPal or Transferwise in USD or PHP. Once we've talked about all the details of the commission, I will send you an invoice. Additional add-ons and revisions will be priced in a separate invoice.

4. Tips are always welcome and highly appreciated!


1. I allow up to 3 rough drafts with up to 10 minor revisions during the draft phase. Additional drafts and revisions will be charged accordingly.

2. Any major revisions after the sketching phase will be charged accordingly. I allow up to 10 minor revisions. Additional revisions will be charged accordingly.

3. I will not redraw or refund a completed commission.

Refunds & Cancelations
Refunds & Cancelations

1. I reserve the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission at any time. 

2. If money has not been sent yet, the commissioner has the right to cancel the commission. The commissioner has no right to cancel or demand a refund from the artist under any circumstances after payment is received. 

3. If you file a chargeback against me, your right to any artwork I have made for you will be retracted, and I have the right to sell the copyrighted artwork to new buyers. 

Usage Policy

1. I retain all rights to the images I create including the rights to:
    1.a Promote myself with it
    1.b Publicly display it 
    1.c Make prints and other merchandise with them (such as a book, etc). 

2. Credit for the character will be given to the owner. The client retains all rights to their characters.
3. The client is allowed to:
    3.a Request for the artwork to not be uploaded publicly but must be stated in advance.
    3.b Post the art publicly as long as the artist is credited.
    3.c Print the art for personal use.

    3.d Use the artwork on streams or videos.

4. The client is NOT allowed to:
    4.a Make profit off of the artwork they commissioned me in any way such as making merchandise or using it as a game asset (unless commercial rights are purchased).
    4.b Claim that the artwork is created by them.
    4.c Change, modify or trace my artworks without my permission.
    4.d Use my work to sell or create NFTs.

Usage Policy
Commercial Rights

1. Commercial rights to the artwork can be discussed with the artist and will be settled with a +300% fee and a contract.

2. Commercial rights will grant you permission to use the art in any merch such as books, covers, shirts, game assets and so on. You may also change it or use it to promote yourself and your brand.

3. Credit to the artist is still required even if altered or edited.

Commercial Rights
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