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Terraria Palette Update [09/15/20]

Hey'all! I'm back with an update! First of all, I would like to apologize for the previous update (which had links that lead to nowhere). I'm not sure how the error occurred, but for some reason, the album where I stored the images of the blending palette completely disappeared from my site files. So what I did was, I re-uploaded it but it kept disappearing and not fully uploading, and I thought that maybe I reached the limit or something. Then realized it was probably due to my very slow internet because after a while, it started working again.

On the bright side, while I was getting stressed out about pictures not uploading, I also realized that the file sizes of the images were too large so it took a long time to load. Aside from this, I also learned that Smooth Marble apparently blends with absolutely everything so I wanted to also show that by including blocks that can't be hammered and added that to the new palette. I've removed the previous blocks in the menu and decided to start again from scratch. I spent a lot of time making sure everything is working fine and the layout is a lot easier to work with so I could hopefully be able to update faster than before. For today, I'll only post the Grass Block Blending Palette but will add more in the future. If everything works out fine, I would like to be able to update it once a week or every other week. Thanks for taking the time to read! Here are the current changes:

Block Blending Palette by Type Nature & Organics

>Remade & reorganized the Grass Block Blending Palette >Fixed format of Mobile Version See you in the next update! #Terraria #TerrariaPalette

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