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Terraria Palette Update [07/14/20]

Hey'all! Sorry it's been a while since my last update. I got caught up with some stuff I needed to finish for Youtube and work. Aside from that, I was experimenting with the new palette I'm introducing in this update: Block Blending! I've only done one so far because I was testing out what template to use for it and I might edit it a little later. Since I've finally finished the Wall Properties & Color Palette by Type, it'll be my next project before I work on Block Properties & Color Palette by Type. This is because my block palette is a little bit dependent on the Cheat Sheet Mod tool, Light Hack. I didn't need this tool for the Wall Palette because there weren't really any shadows covering up the walls unlike with blocks. However, if the Block Blending Palette finishes before the Cheat Sheet Mod updates, I'll get to work with the Block Color Palette and utilize a lot of torches instead.


Wall Properties & Color Palette by Type


>Split Misc into Slimes & Insects and Misc



>Glass (Stained)




>Wallpaper (Festive)





Block Blending Palette by Type



>>Grass (Dirt Block)

See you guys in the next update! #Terraria #TerrariaPalette

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