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Terraria Palette Update [06/03/20]

Hey'all! How are you guys doing? I know a lot of you have been patiently waiting for my Terraria Palettes to update and I know I've kept my progress in the dark for the past couple of months so I'll give you guys a quick rundown of what I've done so far: Added Walls by Type Palette

I've finally added the Walls by Type palette to the site, but it is still a work in progress. I will be continuously updating it until I eventually finish it. At the time of posting this, it only has some of the Organic Walls, namely Corruption, Crimson, Hallow and Grass Walls.

Made a new format for my palette

I've only applied this format to my Wall by Type palette so far but I will be implementing it to my other palettes in the future. There will now be icons underneath the blocks or walls that represent where or how the item is obtained as well as what the item's properties and visual effects are.

For items with special notes, the notes are now hidden to prevent distractions and can be revealed by clicking the Show Info button

Each individual color palette will no longer show the properties of the items and the varieties. Properties will only be shown in the palette menu and the varieties will be put in a different palette later. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Upcoming Updates:

Walls by Type to be completed

Blocks by Type to be updated

Walls by Look to be added

Blocks by Look to be updated

Wall Variety Palette to be added

Block Variety Palette to be added Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions on ways for me to improve this palette further and I'll see what I can do! And also, if you guys wish to support this site and also my youtube channel, feel free to check out my patreon: or my ko-fi: #terraria #terrariapalette

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