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How to Date Pugs 101 ~ Hot Date

This was my first ever video on Youtube, and you probably won't believe me if I told you that it took me 9 months just to finish it and upload it to the site. Why 9 months for an 8 minutes and 27 seconds long video? Well, I worked on the video on and off and had this really BRIGHT idea to edit it in a way that my voice matched the speed of the text appearing on the game before chopping it up and editing it in this kind of montage. Originally, this was a 2-parter and I planned on having one more video where I voiced the pugs with female voices instead. However, by the time I finished this first one, I've moved on to making Terraria build tutorials and found that I was having more success with it than this style of video, so I didn't bother finishing the second one. Would I make another video like this in the future? Maybe!

#HotDate #Pugs #CheesyPaninie

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