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December 2021 Plans & Palette Updates

Hey'all! How are you guys doing? I'm sorry for the silence these past couple of months. I said I'd do monthly updates but lately I haven't had that much time to work on the things I said I was going to work on. I decided to just post once I've had something new to show and today I'm happy to say that I've finally started updating the Terraria Palette again! My latest update is the Single-Color Block Palette (Arranged by Look). This includes all Terraria blocks as well as any stackable object or furniture item arranged according to their appearance and compiled to show all of them in a single color in each single album. The online Terraria Palette will always be free to use for anyone but if you are interested in an offline, PDF version, you can get a copy as a reward on my Patreon for the $5 tier. Any support you give me on Patreon (or even ko-fi) will go into working on Terraria Palettes as well as more Terraria and Art Videos. Please consider checking out my Patreon Page to see what kind of rewards I offer since I have just recently updated it. My Future Plans for the Palette > Single-Color Block Palette (Arranged by Type) > Single-Color Wall Palette (Arranged by Type & Look) > Blending Palette (Arranged by Type) > Block Palette (Arranged by Type & Look) > Wall Palette (Arranged by Type & Look) > And many more December Video Plans I have at least 2 videos I would like to release this month but it will all depend on how heavy my work load will be. One of them will be an art Timelapse for my Art Channel and the other would be a TerraCorps episode. Once I get a little less busy at work, I will aim for a more stable upload schedule so please stay tuned! Take it easy, Stay Cheesy!

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