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August 2021 Plans & Updates

Hey'all! How are you guys doing?

I've been doing these monthly updates on Patreon but I realize not everyone is going to be able to see it so I've decided to put them on my website's blog as well to keep everyone updated. But if I ever work on something special that I'm not quite ready to share to the world yet, I might post it there instead. I'll also be posting certain video plans or schedules there instead.

What have I been up to?

I've actually gotten a part time job making digital vector patterns for costumes so that's taking up a chunk of my week. I've also started taking up commissions. I've actually had it up for around a month but I wasn't actively endorsing it because I wanted to do some changes to my commission sheet. However, because of an unexpected turn of events (me becoming a meme on reddit), I suddenly had several people ordering commissions from me! I actually want to talk about that at some point in a video because it's a funny story, and there's part of that story that other people don't know about yet that happened prior to that event.

What are my plans?


This month, I'm planning to do some timelapse (possibly with commentary) videos for the pixel art commissions that I've already finished. I'm actually not sure how the video will look and what kind of format it will be. It's gonna be pretty experimental but hopefully the people who subscribed to me for Terraria Content would give it a shot.

As for Terraria Content, I'm not sure I'm ready to make new videos for it yet since my previous videos take a whole week to finish. With my commissions and part time job, I'm not sure how to fit in that kind of time. If I ever figure out a better way to make the videos I want to make without it taking so long, I'll start posting regularly again. If I ever do get to make a Terraria Video this month, it would most likely be the Terraria Texture Pack Tutorial.


While I may not be able to do Terraria Videos for awhile, I still wanted to do something Terraria-related. For this month, I'll be focusing on updating my Terraria Palettes. I'll start by updating the Block Properties & Color Palette first then move on to updating the Walls Properties & Color Palette. After that, I'd be adding some alternative palettes I've thought of like the Single Color Palettes (Palettes that show all blocks or walls in just one color for an easy way to compare them).

I'm also going to update some pages on my website and look into stuff like RSS Feeds.


I'm currently in the process of finishing up my final three commissions, and after that I'll be updating my commission sheet and opening them up again this month!

Thank you so much for all your support! Take it easy, stay cheesy!


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