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Is payment upfront?

Yes, but I allow half to be paid first and the other half later for orders higher than $200.

Payment Methods & Currency? 

PayPal, USD or PHP.

Are these fixed prices? 

No, they are base prices and may change depending on complexity. For commercial projects (such as game assets), I may charge per hour instead.

Can I use these on streams, videos, game development or merch? 

Using commissioned art for streams & videos are free but if you want to make a game or create merchandise with them, you need to sign a contract and pay me for the commercial license which is +300% of the price.

How long will it take to finish? 

Time frame ranges from 2 days to 2 months depending on number of current commissions & complexity of design. 

Can I ask for updates? 

Yes! I normally update my clients once I start the commission and on every day that I progress on the art. 

Can I commission you for other art?

Yes! You can DM me or email me and we can discuss the details.

Will you draw ___?

I'm very open-minded about most subjects but there are a few things I love to draw and won't ever draw:

Will Do vs. Won't Do

(not negotiable)

Extreme NSFW
Extreme Gore
Political things
NFTs of any kind
Offensive Stuff
Free Art

(but not limited to:)

Clothes & Costumes
Clouds & Skies
Dramatic Scenes
Limited Color Palette
Spicy / Sexy
Please also check my Terms of Service, DM or email me for more questions!
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